Reward-Winning Experience And Launch Of Keplerswap

KeplerSwap Ecosystem, which aims to remodel the current DeFi trading model, will be officially launched on 27th October 2021.

It’s set to provide a Reward-winning experience to KeplerSwap’s users at the launch.

The platform announced in September 2021 that “the SDS public sale will debut in the third week of October 2021, followed by the KeplerSwap Global Beta Test and official launch of the platform on the 27th October 2021.”

KeplerSwap’s Reward-Winning Experience

Before the event, users globally are invited to share in the reward-winning session. The platform revealed that the session will start at 10am UTC on 25th October to 10am UTC on October 25th, 2021.

The KeplerSwap platform wants its users to be the benefactors of the reward-winning experience.

Thus, they stated the steps to follow. They are:

  1. Firstly, be a member of the KeplerSwap community.

These are the links to the keplerSwap’s various community handles:



  1. Click on the platform’s test link-
  2. Next is to fill the test form to get the KeplerSwap project test token in USDT/SDS or your preference.

This is the form link-

While at it, it’s vital to include the contract address to access the exchange’s token easily.

Here’s the USDT contract address- 0xf849e5e6088e08c65a38e6bc44b92b0aa066ef38


SDS contract address- 0xe96cab1b47745ffbc87ae6deb355a315488be171

  1. More so, you can add the Dapp invitation link to serve as access for interested and new users to join the platform through you.

Here’s the DAPP invitation address-0x4acCAC4AdB3D6490AA3e012438bEb33637D8a922

Note- You won’t complete the KeplerSwap experience exercise without the test token.

Also, you need to fill this form-

  1. Next, complete these tasks-
  • Complete the transaction and keep the screenshot.
  • Include liquidity and keep the screenshot.
  • Setup a Space and equally keep the screenshot.

Users or traders with completed tasks and forms will get 10 SDS. The leading 1000 users will get additional 10 SDS rewards.

Tips For KeplerSwap’s Reward-winning Experience

Follow these tips to have a great reward-winning experience in keplerSwap:

  • When you finish your task, fill the form on time. The limited reward is issued in the form order.
  • Rewards will be given under 30 days after the official launch. Users with malicious characters would be disqualified from getting the rewards.
  • Ensure to fill the form when you see the product’s bugs.

Here’s the form link-

Note- It’s recommended to install and use MetaMask wallet. In other words, use the MetaMask wallet on the Chrome Browser to engage in the test.

Here’s the link-

Finally, it’s vital to reiterate that the Global Beta test will begin on 27th October 2021 firstly for 200 whitelist members.

After the platform launch and SDS public sale, the KeplerSwap team wants to give a total token supply of 210,000,000 SDS. Public launch and sales are open to everyone.

You can follow KeplerSwap’s social media accounts and communities to be updated as the event unfolds.




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