KeplerSwap SDS: Key To Innovation and Autonomy in DeFi 2.0

KeplerSwap aims to build a platform to break the traditional way of trading. It's building a new trading concept, procedure, and ecology.

With the SDS token, KeplerSwap wants to establish a new DeFi 2.0 Eco-system with fairness and reliability.

KeplerSwap DeFi Vision

The vision of KeplerSwap is to build and implement a large-scale DeFi application platform to support economic activities using blockchain technology.

It aims to continuously innovate and build success and achievements from the initial creation of KEPLER.

SDS Token Description

SDS (Seeds Token) is the main medium that supports the value construction of KeplerSwap. It's the creative seed for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem.

80% of the SDS will be mined, 10% will be used for airdrops and market partnerships, while 10% will be used for private placement projects.

Benefits of KeplerSwap SDS Token

SDS Token is the creative seed for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem. And it aims to be the key to innovation and autonomy in DeFi 2.0.

Other benefits of KeplerSwap SDS Token

Governance Token

Each SDS holder has a decision-making right for important events, especially the voting right in the community governance. Any SDS holder can provide a proposal that'll change the community.

Trading Fee Rewards

A unique and interesting thing about KeplerSwap is the transaction fee. The platform returns a big proportion of trading fees to the users.

SDS token, the first underlying asset on KeplerSwap, gives 80% mining output to Kepler members.

Yield Farming

SDS is the main token output for liquidity market making on KeplerSwap. Members are encouraged to contribute to liquidity market making by incentivization.

With SDS token, KeplerSwap proposes different liquidity market-making plans to users. It has the flexibility to create a self-service market-making contribution.

Ecological Medium Token

SDS token is the exchange medium on KeplerSwap, and it has high liquidity. It can exchange on cross-chains with other tokens on KeplerSwap.

Smart Aggregator

SDS Token users can select various cryptocurrency pairs in liquidity market making. With a smart aggregating system on the liquidity pool, SDS Token will select the subject pair automatically to make the maximum return.

SPACE Creation and Voting

An SDS holder can create SPACE and become a SPACE Owner.


Interest offerings of new project tokens are granted to users who hold SDS in stock.

Interests Conversion

With SDS Token, the holder and liquidity provider can gain the interests of platform tokens by 1:100.

Benefits of KeplerSwap SDS Token: Final Analysis

KeplerSwap aims to launch a token-based platform on the Kepler ecosystem. The platform currency will be used for governance and complement other rights and interests of users in the KeplerSwap ecosystem.

It can also be used to deduct platform fees as a bond guarantee or deposit and participate in governance. The platform token launch will enhance the KeplerSwap trading platform.

Once the KeplerSwap platform governance token is released, all liquid market-making income will be issued in the form of a platform-based token.

The timing and delivery of the platform token are determined by joint community voting and will be the first Defi platform to achieve truly decentralized autonomy in community governance.

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