KeplerSwap is going live soon- Get ready!

KeplerSwap is a DeFi 2.0 explorer. It’s the first platform to create a decentralized exchange platform on BSC.

It’s happy to announce that there will be an official launch of KeplerSwap on 20th October 2021. It has already started a global pre-sale.

More so, the platform reveals that “the SDS public sale will debut in the third week of October 2021, followed by the KeplerSwap Global Beta Test on 27th October 2021.”

The Official Launch of KeplerSwap

KeplerSwap Ecosystem will be officially launched on 20th October 2021. KeplerSwap aims to remodel the existing DeFi trading model.

Its DeFi 2.0 will focus on users’ connection in the liquidity pool via the referral system. Thus, ensuring activeness and continuity of the KeplerSwap ecosystem with innovative and advanced features like the Lucky Pool, Space, and referral system, Flash Loan Lending, Open Technology & Innovation, and Trading Fees.

It prides itself as the DeFi future. Meanwhile, there will be an SDS public sale in the third week of October 2021 before the official launch of the platform.

KeplerSwap Global Beta Test

KeplerSwap has a Whitelist. Entering the whitelist indicates you can join the KeplerSwap IDO. And participate in the KeplerSwap global closed beta.

The KeplerSwap ecosystem is based on an invitation system. Thus, keplerSwap future ecological relationships will come from the whitelists. It means that members who enter the whitelists might gain extra benefits.

KeplerSwap will begin with a global internal test, and later a global public test. The Global Beta test will start on 27th October 2021 for 200 whitelist members only. These Whitelisted members will equally gain benefits in the long run for being trusted allies.

Public Sale of KeplerSwap’s SDS

SDS is the original governance token of the KeplerSwap platform. The total amount of SDS is 210 million.

80% of the SDS would be mined, 10% would be utilized for community incentives, while the 10% would be utilized for private placements.

Though there has been a pre-sale of SDS, it hasn’t been listed yet. The public sale of SDS will start in the third week of October 2021.

After the public sale, KeplerSwap aims to issue a total token supply of 210,000,000 SDS. Public Sale is open to all, including the non-Whitelist member.

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