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DeFi 2.0 is coming, KeplerSwap is mounted on the flagship

Financial transactions in the traditional world are run such that there is always a central authority that watches over the movement of money. More so, there are commercial middlemen in the form of fintech firms that execute these transactions.


Reward-Winning Experience And Launch Of Keplerswap

KeplerSwap Ecosystem, which aims to remodel the current DeFi trading model, will be officially launched on 27th October 2021.

It’s set to provide a Reward-winning experience to KeplerSwap’s users at the launch.

The platform announced in September 2021 that “the SDS public sale will…

KeplerSwap is going live soon- Get ready!

KeplerSwap is a DeFi 2.0 explorer. It’s the first platform to create a decentralized exchange platform on BSC.

It’s happy to announce that there will be an official launch of KeplerSwap on 20th October 2021. It has already started a global pre-sale.


What you’re waiting for is here

KeplerSwap is an innovative DeFi 2.0 explorer. It’s the first platform to create a decentralized exchange platform on BSC. It’s now gradually realizing cross-chain and multi-chain aggregation.

KeplerSwap focuses on offering solutions to DeFi 1.0 …

Intro To Lucky Pool and Space of KeplerSwap

Blockchain technology use is becoming popular with a rising global adoption. At the same time, DeFi use has been gaining momentum with the continuous promotion of blockchain technology.

Presently, DeFi development is at version 1.0 with its limitations. Thus, there’s the arrival…

How KeplerSwap Wants to Correct DeFi 1.0 Defects With DeFi 2.0

DeFi is an influential vector for creating value in the blockchain industry. It’s now the catalyst for tangible capital allocation on the blockchain.

DeFi’s TVL (Total Value Locked) has increased from 700 million at the beginning of 2020 to…

KeplerSwap: The Most Effective Decentralized Exchange Protocol

The provision of digital currency has led to the rapid creation of DeFi technology in the world. And DeFi is set to increase the unique value that digital currency has created. DeFi development is currently at version 1.0 with some issues like scalability.

What’s keplerSwap, and How Does it Work?

KeplerSwap is creating a platform to break the traditional way of trading. It’s developing a fresh trading procedure, concept, and ecology. And wants to solve DeFi 1.0 issues by creating DeFi 2.0.

It’s building an innovative platform that will disrupt or change the…

KeplerSwap: The Best Platform for DeFi Ecosystem

Why KeplerSwap is Set to Lead the DeFi Ecosystem

Digital currency has been projected to be the biggest liquidity medium of exchange, and DeFi will be the main framework for digital finance. …

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